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       "La cumbia del verano"
by Summer of Cumbia.

     With SOC it's always summer. Summer of Cumbia completes its triumvirate video from its first album continuing with the same cinematic contrast of still and motion while continuing to document the endless summer.
     This time we find SOC leading the Midnight Ridazz Stoner Avenue Ride. Enojy the scenes of another endless summer.


by Rascuache.

     Salvacion was written during the 'Amor de lejos' sessions but was not recorded for the album. the song was almost forgotten until some archival footage of Rascuache's first performance at the Westchester Sports Grill from October 20, 2000 was found and digitized. The audio and pieces of the video are from the original recording of the performance. The audio was digital remastered and enhanced to obtain maximum clariety.
     This song and performance show Rascuache at its best: raw and raunchy with catchy melodies and somber, depricating lyrics that long for more. Other scenes include performances and random chaos from the road at the Roxy Theater, El Tri Fest 2002, La Cucaracha launch @ Smokin' Mirrors; in Mexico: El Chopo, Foro Alicia, Rockotitlan, Centro de Bellas Artes de Fresno, y Guadalajara

"Taco Tuesdays [extened mix]"
by Summer of Cumbia.

    ¡Que vivan los Tacos! This video and song are love songs, presents to the best ride on the westside...hell, one of the best bike rides ever. Taco Tuesdays inspired this song, and inspired the band to write its first album.
    TT is more then just a ride on a Tuesday night. It's a way of life, a way of enjoying oneself on public streets at night. Think back to when you were a kid riding your bike. Well this is it, but with 50-300 of the best people, in the best place, with the best weather! All that rolled up came out to sounding a little something like this...



"La Reina de la pista [extened mix]"
by Summer of Cumbia.

     Its a digital life and everybody's got at least one, sometimes two or more cameras with them all the time.  SOC had seven different cameras in play during the recording of the album. there were cell phone cam, digital cams, even webcams. There hadn't been any preconceived plan to use the pictures, these were just all the pictures the members were taking to keep for themselves to remember the summer.
     In early September 2010, it was suggested that they gather together all their photos and make a video with them. The pictures were collected and this video of still is the result.
     The video shows the many happening of the summer of 2009 surround the recording of Summer of Cumbia: SOC meeting to discuss their idea, the recording the album; the group playing the album release show on the Manhattan beach pier at midnight from a PA on the back of a bicycle and many, many more.


by Rascuache.

     Rascuache performs it titular song "Rascauche" for their CD release show for Amor de lejos...on February 10, 2001.

"Estado Final"
by Rascuache.

     Rascuache performs "Estado Final" for their CD release show for Amor de lejos...on February 10, 2001.

by Rascuache.

     Rascuache performs "Creida" for their CD release show for Amor de lejos...on February 10, 2001.

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November 1, 2012