About the Fall of Cumbia (FOC) by the Summer of Cumbia

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    After Summer comes Fall. Summer of Cumbia returns for their second season with The Fall of Cumbia.
    SOC continues their exploration of combinations and experimentation of cumbia with other styles and languanges. Songs are sung in English, Spanish, French and Korean and style range from rock, rap, dance, surf to straight cumbia.
    Put some cumbia in you fall this autum!
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Summer of Cumbia

Fall of Cumbia
Release: September 20, 2012

1. Mic Check [mp3]
2. El guiro es el Nuevo Rocnrol [mp3]
3. K.I.S.S. [mp3]
4. Minfalda [mp3]
5. Nice and... [mp3]
6. Echo [mp3]
7. Tochomorocho [mp3]
8. Pretty Girl from France [mp3]
9. Taco Tuesday (Radio Edit) [mp3]
10. ..Sweet [mp3]

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November 10, 2012.