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Summer of Cumbia is a band and album, but it is also a time and place. SOC is a short slice into life in Culver City, CA from June 1, 2009 to August 3, 2009. Nine weeks of Summer of Cumbia now brings the feel of Southern California summer all year round all over the world.

     The Summer of Cumbia  began at the end of May 2009 when El Sabroso declared to his Brother-In-Law, El Mero Mero, that "This was the summer of cumbia". They quickly drafted Trixie, El Mero Mero's wife and El Sabroso's sister, and began working earnestly on the Summer of Cumbia album with one simple mantra: Keep it stupid, Stupid. Have a good time and don't stress about anything. Take the path of least resistance and just enjoy the flow. It's about love, dancing and enjoyment. Don't over think it, don't over analyze it. It is what it is: English, Spanish, French; Cumbia, Rock, Reggae, Disco, Blues, Rap, experimental. free style; familia, cultura, arte; American, Mexican, Chicano, Californian, Angelino.



Check out the video for "Reina de la Pista," the second single from the album Summer of Cumbia.  


Watch the video for "Taco Tuesdays," the first single from the album Summer of Cumbia. [click here]
    "Taco Tuesdays" is an ode to the Midnight Ridazz: Taco Tuesdays Bicycle Club in Los Angeles, CA. The song pays homage in English and Spanish to the beauty of Southern California and the ability to take pleasure in simple, free joys such as riding your bicycle to the beach with your friends, but most importantly, "Taco Tuesdays" is a catchy Southern California cumbia that makes you wanna dance.


Summer of Cumbia by Summer of Cumbia c2009Summer of Cumbia
Fall of Cumbia
Release: September 20, 2012

1. Mic Check [mp3]
2. El guiro es el Nuevo Rocnrol [mp3]
3. K.I.S.S. [mp3]
4. Minfalda [mp3]
5. Nice and... [mp3]
6. Echo [mp3]
7. Tochomorocho [mp3]
8. Pretty Girl from France [mp3]
9. Taco Tuesday (Radio Edit) [mp3]
10. ..Sweet [mp3]

Summer of Cumbia by Summer of Cumbia c2009Summer of Cumbia
Summer of Cumbia
Release: May 11, 2010

1. Guapachoso
2. Taco Tuesdays
3. La cumbia del verano
4. La iguana
5. Cumbia intergalactica
6. La cumbia de la biblioteca
7. La Reina de la Pista
8. Ete d'Cumbia
9. Sambuasosa
10. S.O.C. (Eso si)



Sumerofcumbia.com -- SOC's official site

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November 11, 2012.