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     Rascuache exploded onto the Los Angeles rock en español scene in late 2000 with a mexperimental pop-punk/ska en español sound that falls somewhere between a mixture of Café Tacuba, Nirvana and Vicente Fernandez. Rascuache's sound is so diverse that they have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts as just as diverse, including: El Tri, Aterciopelados, Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, Mikel Exentxum and Circo. Rascuache has released 2 albums, appeared on various compilations, and toured from Chicago to Mexico City.




Rascuache formed in mid-2000 when Alejandro Najarro (Guitar/Vocals) and Cirilo Flores (Drums) responded to an ad in the Los Angeles Recycler, placed by Adam Benítez (Guitar/Vocals), looking for other musicians to form a rock en español band. After one practice, the three decided to join forces, and recruited Richard Ewell to play bass.
Rascuache began its career by setting up its own shows, and promoting them themselves by standing outside every rock en español event they could find out about and handing out fliers & demos to every rockero in the club.

The group quickly gained notoriety for their hard work and DIY punk ethic, but it was their high energy live shows and catchy, simple music that keep people talking and coming back.

In February 2001, Rascuache released its debut album Amor de lejos... on El Mero Mero Records. Rascuache promoted Amor de lejos... by setting up their own tour that spanned from Chicago, Illinois to Guadalajara, Jalisco.

In August 2001, Adam's brother, David Benitez, also of the punk group Osker (Epitaph Records), joined the group on bass. David, with his easy-going manner and eccentric, fast moving, hard-hitting bass playing, fit Rascuache perfectly, and gave the group the musical nitro it was looking for.

In May 2002, the group began recording its ill-fated second album, ¡Soy rascuache y qué! with Grammy award winning Producer Alejandro Barredo. After months of recording, Rascuache found itself broke with little to show for all of its work. Disappointed with the ¡Soy rascuache y qué! sessions, the group fired Barredo and decided to permanently shelve the recording.

Undaunted by their experience, Rascuache decided to continue recording on their own. The Benitez brothers, built a studio in the back of their abuelita's house. Together the group recorded another 24 tracks and then whitled the selection down to 11 songs for what would become Lo mejor de lo mejor de lo mejor...

Lo mejor de lo mejor de lo mejor... was released in 2003. Rascuache toured up and down the western US and through Mexico in support of it.

Tired and frustrated after their recording and touring, the band decided to take an extended brake.


1. Amor de lejos by Rascuache ©2001 El Mero Mero Records
2. Backyard City Rockers - "Asesino" by Rascuache ©2002 Smelvis Records
3. Boom Magazine Winter Compilation - "Desecho" by Rascuache ©2002 El Mero Mero Records
4. Lo mejor de mejor de lo mejor by Rascuache ©2003 El Mero Mero Records
5. Mexico Suena a los Angeles - "Rascuache" y "Tu me has" ©2004 Escuachalo Records

Amor de lejos

 1. Estado final [mp3]
 2. No estoy borracho [mp3]
 3. Una noche mas [mp3]
 4. Desmadre [mp3]
 5. Diablo [mp3]
 6. Fragilidad [mp3]
 7. Mi novia [mp3]
 8. Rascuache [mp3]
 9. Creida [mp3]
 10. Del Cielo [mp3]
 11. Por un momento [mp3]
 12. Mi pasion [mp3]
Bonus track: La foto [mp3]




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