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     Cheap Thrills took off in the summer of 1998. After a few initial line up changes, Cheap Thrills took form as Adam Benitez (guitar/vox/harmonica), Konrad S. (bass/vox), Ricky R. (Drums). Adam and Konrad met at the UCLA Music club. They decided to start jamming and found Ricky by placing an ad at Soundsation Records in Westchester.
     The group quickly got some songs together and recorded them in 3 days at Studio 8 in Woodland Hills, CA. The recording schedule was frantic and most songs were completed live in one or two takes, but the hectic pace worked for Cheap Thrills and helped give the recordings a raw, live feel.
     Sex, Drugs and Cheap Thrills was released in May 1998. The group toured locally in Southern California.
    In the fall of 1999, Ricky left Cheap Thrills to study music business at UC Santa Cruz. Konrad and Adam agreed that they both enjoyed their year of Cheap Thrills, but decided it was time to move on to new projects. Konrad joined Optix, a nu-metal group out of Santa Monica and Adam joined Dead Mariachi, a hard rocking chicano punk-abilly outfit.


Cheap Thrills
Sex, Drugs, and Cheap Thrills

 1. Another Way [mp3]
 2. One Day [mp3]
 3. I'm Movin' On [mp3]
 4. Choose Me [mp3]
 5. I Don't Know [mp3]
 6. That Night [mp3]
 7. Are We On or Off? [mp3]
 8. Cosmic Dream [mp3]
 9. I wish I Could Tell You [mp3]
 10. Stoned [mp3]
 11. Why Do You Hold Me Down? [mp3]
 12. Silly Girl [mp3]


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December 29, 2009